feeling oh so vintage

11:13 AM

Monday morning, I had one of the loveliest times with one of my dearest friends. The dreamy, foggy weather made everything eerie yet mysteriously beautiful. Neither of us had school so we thought it was the perfect day to go into downtown, take pictures, and do some of our favorite things. Overall, it was a splendid morning filled with intangible vintage and rustic vibes. Here are some of the things we did & places we went...

1. sippin' coffee at the corner cafe

First stop was coffee(what else is new)because a frosty winter outing downtown without warm drinks is not an option. Spent a good hour just chatting away and people watching. No better way to spend a cozy morning, in my mind; so charming and delightful.

2. winter Parisian style 

If you couldn't tell from my Pinterest, French style is what inspires me most fashion-wise. For me, it's the perfect mixture of charming, romantic, and old-fashioned. Brick walls and cute rainy alleys are perfect to showcase a few of my recent favorite European-inspired pieces.

3. rustic corners around town

Found some of cutest little nooks while strolling around. Warm coffee shops, vintage lights, and used bookstores were just a few of them. Nothing but utter bliss in endearing places like these. 

Absolutely loved taking all these photos and exploring around town in the chilly, foggy weather; this only made the warm coffee even more comforting. If you haven't already, find a lovely friend, put on your favorite outfit, and head to the nearest rustic-looking town for a dreamy day. I felt like I was in an old Jane Austen novel the whole time; such an ecstatic feeling. 

xoxo, Viktoria

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