the books dear to my heart

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I always love to read, but when the weather outside my window is wet and foggy, there is nothing I would rather do than read a novel. Below are my 5 favorites of all time which I will read and re-read for the rest of my life. Brew yourself a warm espresso and enjoy. x

1. "Wuthering Heights" -Emily Brönte 

There are few things in this world that I cherish more than this beautiful novel. The words on every page make me feel every way a heart can feel: broken, loved, lost, healed. Every time, its beauty and tragedy sweeps me into Catherine and Heathcliff's world of woe. My precious copy of this novel is filled with tear-stained pages and blurred ink. For me, nothing on this earth compares to this gem. 

I love my old, vintage copy of this novel. The pages are rustic and beige, adding a certain sweetness to it. 

2. "Lolita" -Vladimir Nabokov 

Something about this classic work of art grasped my curiosity after the first few paragraphs. I was instantly drawn in by the strong words and feelings expressed by Humbert Humbert. He is dangerous and capable of murder, yet his beautiful, soft language seduces every reader. If you are a lover of English language at its finest as well as a passionate plot about love, this is the novel for you. 

3. "The Great Gatsby" -F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing is so lovely and compelling; always inspires me to pick up my pen and start composing. Set in the Roaring 20's and filled with love, passion, and life, 'Gatsby' is one of those novels I always have by my bedside. The characters' distinct personalities allow the reader to connect on a more personal & detailed level which adds to the richness of this alluring story. 

4. "Anne of Green Gables" -L.M. Montgomery  

When I use the phrase 'dear to my heart' I instantly think of the Anne series. Since I was a little girl, Anne was one girl/person I tried to model my life after. When my mother first read the books to me at 6 years old, I instantly connected with Anne's character as I felt she and I were kindred spirits, just like her and Diana. And now, 10 years later, the similarities have only increased. You see, I have a Gilbert in my own life...this in itself makes this enchanting story feel as though it belongs to my heart. 

5. "The Gorgeous Nothings: envelope poems" - Emily Dickinson

Poetry, in my opinion, is the most exquisite and marvelous form of writing. It has the marvelous power to reach the reader's soul in so few words, which I find so fascinating and enigmatic. Emily Dickinson knew how to create the smallest yet most beautiful poems which touch my soul softly yet lovingly. If you ever see me sitting in a corner of a little coffee shop sipping a cappuccino, I will most always have this little booklet of her envelope poems in my hand... 

xoxo, Viktoria 

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