sounds of january

6:49 PM

As we near the end of the first month of the new year, I thought I would share with you my most beloved tunes and songs of January. For me, this month should be filled with soft, crisp, wintery melodies. These songs are so simplistic yet perfectly mirror the frosty weather, burning firewood, and chai tea lattes from the cafe on the corner. Hope you enjoy -->

I. reading Tennyson by firelight
My lovely fireplace that can make a room the most romantic place in the whole damn world. 
For nights spent by the fire reading old english poets' work; Billie Holiday playing on an old vintage vinyl. 
- Alright, Keaton Hensen
  - One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong, Gregory Alan Isakov
- Long Lost Century, The Woodlands 
- Début, Mélanie Laurent 
- The Swan, Peter Breiner 

II. teakwood & tobacco
Burning flames, soothing bath salts, & a sprig of pine.
The musky scent of pine combined with the warm aroma of an extinguished candle fill your living room while you press your nose against the glass and gaze out at the lulling rain.

The Christmas Waltz, Tony Bennett 
- Sleep On The Floor, The Lumineers 
- Words, Gregory Alan Isakov 
- Cold Cold Heart, Tony Bennett 
The Wisp Sings, Winter Aid

III. warm kisses 
My dreamy-looking bedroom on a foggy morning this past week at 6am.
Messy bed sheets, the old crackle of a record player, sentimental thoughts, & memories of the last time you saw him lingering in your mind. 
A Winter Romance, Dean Martin
- Love is Only a Heartbeat Away, Jamie T.
- La Vie en Rose, Daniela Andrade 
- Solitude, Billie Holiday
- Botanical Romance, Isobel Anderson

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