february inspirations

7:12 PM

Hellooo! Lately, I have felt so inspired by everything around me so I thought I would write up a cheeky little post talking about it. The air is becoming warmer, the sun is setting later, and fresh lavender has returned to farmers markets. The transition between seasons is always delightful because so many things change alongside the weather. 

A warm night spent alone outside- nothing but you, the air, and the serenity of the music flowing from the record player.
The lavender blossoms once again as you sip black coffee on the porch; vintage lights fill the air with an iridescent ambient glow. 

Lately, I just feel so inspired by everything around me. Sure, life is busy as always, but I think it's equally important to notice the things around us that fill our lives with subtle joys. For me, those things tend to be writing & journals, old music, sweet flowers, parisian inspiration, and anything vintage (in case you couldn't already tell). I've also been obsessed with developing my closet and fashion inspirations into a reality. Clutter is something I absolutely cannot stand, so in contrast, a neat and lovely collection of few but memorable stable pieces of clothing is all a girl (like me) really needs. 
Sat in her bronze-legged bath, she writes a letter of heart-warming words to her lover; the scent of roses fill the room and a burning candle sits on the Victorian table in the corner.
Well, that's it! I hope you enjoyed this little post of some of the lovely things that inspire my day to day life lately because I definitely loved writing it. Let me know what you think and what posts you would like to see next. See ya next time,
Viktoria. x


bed of roses: comfort & tranquility

7:54 PM

 Happy Sunday, everyone! Okay so I know I've been amiss but only because I failed to escape the terrible illness going around. So now that I am healthy again, I am back & feeling very inspired. As winter is slowly drifting out of our grip, I think it's most important to make use of what remains of it. This past week it's been very dreary and rainy, making inside awfully homey and comforting. Enjoy the bits and pieces from my week that I captured on my little camera. xx
I. warm, candlelit baths

The chilly weather outside plus the groggy feeling of being ill, made me crave a lovely bath like this one every night. Golden flames, Jane Austen, and building water than surges in a pleasing way on your skin-

II. rose + salts

Nobody does skincare and body luxuries like the French (although the French win in many various things, let's be honest here here). If you didn't know the rose fragrances are my favorite and also the way to my heart; the flowers themselves also happen to have a special place in my heart.

III. la musique
Alas, what is a bath without tranquility of classical music? Here are just a few of my loves..
- Romanze for Cello and Orchestra, Johann Strauss Jr.
- Nocturne No. 2 in E Flat Major, Frederic Chopin
- Le Onde, Ludovico Einaudi
- Concerto in D Minor, Johann Sebastian Bach
- Kiss the Rain, Yiruma
- The Nutcracker Op. 71 Act 2 No.14, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 

IV. soft, enchanting beside musings

The allurement of capturing soft, exquisite moments on film is something I shall never take for granted. And nothing is better to photograph than shining beams of sun light pouring in through the window, casting endless grey shadows on the ruffled sheets of my mahogany bed..

I hope these photos inspired you to take a day for yourself and to make it the best one yet. You don't realize till you do it, how a day filled with small enchantments can bring you such immense joy. See you next time with another post. With love, Viktoria. x